"That would never happen to me..."

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019

We often come across stories about a rare disease or accident that took someone's life. We shed some tears, say a prayer for them, feel grateful for our lives then move on with with our lives with the next picture in our story feed. 

It's not that we are cold blooded, simply, there is little we feel we can do within our control and deep down we believe, "That would never happen to me." So we continue on with our lives, nestled in the same mundane tasks because we believe we have next week, next month, next year guaranteed. 

I've been so guilty of this...until it happened to me. 

Last month, while laying on the floor as my children played in their room, I closed my eyes for just a few minutes until I was jolted awake by a large slam on the back of my head. I jumped up and touched my head to feel a bump growing beneath my fingertips. 

Shocked I looked around to gain an understanding of what happened. My three year old smiles as she held the hand of...

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Be a Rule Breaker (Rule Follower Part 2)

wreckedandworthy Jul 31, 2019


After being a rule follower for so much of my life and realizing that in fact, rule following did not make me feel loved or bring me joy, I knew I had to make some changes.

I asked myself questions to understand:

  1. What rules do I follow for others JUST to make myself feel worthy and loved?
  2. What rules did I create for myself and now follow JUST to make myself feel worthy and loved?
  3. Do I have to keep following these rules?
  4. Do I want to keep following these rules?

After reflecting on these questions, the gateway opened and I realized...

I attended  events, said yes to projects, and overall committed to engagements just because I felt bad saying no and was worried about hurting peoples feelings when in reality, I'm an introvert and do not like these things. This was the rule of keeping others happy in order to be loved. 

I set high expectations of everything I had to and should do weekly, daily, etc. because I felt the need to follow the rule of always...

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Rule Follower

wreckedandworthy Jul 24, 2019

I've always been a rule follower. 

In school, I was that disliked "Teacher's Pet", going above and beyond classroom expectations with accolades such as:

Spelling Bee Champion, Community Service Award Recipient, ASB President, Annual Reading Trophy Recipient, etc.

I spent lunch time in the library helping organize books, had a class job and submitted the most book reports, including in the summer.


I'd get made fun of for kissing up to the teacher, but what people didn't understand was- I did this all to feel better about myself. 

The more stars, recognition, and words of affirmation I received for following the rules and excelling, the more I wanted. This all gave me validation. This all made me feel worthy. 

And if I didn't have rules and guidelines given to me by others, I made them up for myself. 


Only through years of self reflection and growth have I started breaking down this life habit. (I say start because it took years to build up, and...

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Book Review: The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife

Author: Paula McLain

Simple Genre:

Novel/Historical Fiction

Who It’s For:

  1. Those intrigued with Hemingway and his wives
  2. Historical fiction aficionados
  3. Romantics obsessed with 1920s/30s in Paris
  4. Bookworms


Where You Can Get It:

*Amazon Affiliate Links are shared. Feel free to use or purchase on your own. 


Criteria Fulfilled:
1. Book causes reflection

2. Book teaches growth

3. Book moves the soul


Short and Sweet Summary:

This book has no surprise ending.

It’s well known that Hemingway loved his wives just as he loved to write, as he was a struggling romantic (I would say on the Enneagram he was definitely a four).

This novel takes a look into the Hemingway before the fame and the woman who stood by him and loved him through it- Hadley Richardson.

From the perspective of Hadley, the reader moves through their first meeting in the States, to uninhibited Paris and the slow...

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Book Review: The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Author: Kelly Harms

Simple Genre:


Who It’s For:

  1. Moms craving a #momspringa
  2. Moms who want to understand WHY self-care is important
  3. Librarians
  4. Female book worms


Where You Can Get It:

*Amazon Affiliate Links are shared. Feel free to use or purchase on your own. 


Criteria Fulfilled:
1. Book causes reflection

2. Book teaches growth

3. Book moves the soul


Short and Sweet Summary:

Amy Byler has been committed to her children, husband and library position for years, with no time for anything in between. Under forced circumstances, Amy is given a summer to herself in the city of her youthful college days- New York City.

Heartbroken yet excited, Amy slowly unwinds and opens her mind (and heart) to adventure. At the end of summer, Amy has to choose- does she return to life as she knew it? Or is she too different to ever return?

You’ll reflect, laugh and feel...

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