Book Review: The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Author: Kelly Harms

Simple Genre:


Who It’s For:

  1. Moms craving a #momspringa
  2. Moms who want to understand WHY self-care is important
  3. Librarians
  4. Female book worms


Where You Can Get It:

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Criteria Fulfilled:
1. Book causes reflection

2. Book teaches growth

3. Book moves the soul


Short and Sweet Summary:

Amy Byler has been committed to her children, husband and library position for years, with no time for anything in between. Under forced circumstances, Amy is given a summer to herself in the city of her youthful college days- New York City.

Heartbroken yet excited, Amy slowly unwinds and opens her mind (and heart) to adventure. At the end of summer, Amy has to choose- does she return to life as she knew it? Or is she too different to ever return?

You’ll reflect, laugh and feel giddy with humor only other book nerds would ever understand.


How This Book Made Me FEEL:

While reading this book, I felt I was personally interacting with the main character and she understood many aspects of my life as a mom, book aficionado, and woman overall craving to live her life fully, yet pulled back because of inner constraints.

This book made me think, “Heck yes, I can be a mom AND do that too,” and invite more play into my life!

Few of the Fave Quotes:

  • “What about what you want? Can forgiving him and enjoying time with him now actually are you feel better than holding a grudge against him for the rest of your lives? In other words? Is punishing him what’s truly best for you?” Page 18


  • “Do you think forgiveness is a skill learned through practice, like playing chess, or a talent give to you at birth, like singing a tune…Some people have to practice forgiveness indwell never be naturals. They’ll either do the work and get awesome at it but always have to think it over- or never do the work and die with a sack of hurts the size of an elephant….Some people, like your mother, forgive so naturally they don’t notice it happening. They’ll get hurt twice as often because they are so quick to forgive but feel it half as much because of their ability to let things go.”

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