Book Review: The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife

Author: Paula McLain

Simple Genre:

Novel/Historical Fiction

Who It’s For:

  1. Those intrigued with Hemingway and his wives
  2. Historical fiction aficionados
  3. Romantics obsessed with 1920s/30s in Paris
  4. Bookworms


Where You Can Get It:

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Criteria Fulfilled:
1. Book causes reflection

2. Book teaches growth

3. Book moves the soul


Short and Sweet Summary:

This book has no surprise ending.

It’s well known that Hemingway loved his wives just as he loved to write, as he was a struggling romantic (I would say on the Enneagram he was definitely a four).

This novel takes a look into the Hemingway before the fame and the woman who stood by him and loved him through it- Hadley Richardson.

From the perspective of Hadley, the reader moves through their first meeting in the States, to uninhibited Paris and the slow...

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