About Us

If you want to own your worth and grow from where you are to your dreams, I can help. 

Mindset- Help you understand why you think the way you think, break the habits and create new habits to think and feel the best about yourself. 

Tools- Provide tools to grow, continue growing and use anytime in need. 

Action Plan- Tangible plans to follow, execute on and achieve results you've never had before. 

I know how you feel, I struggled with it too. Wanting more out of life but unsure of how to do it.

And when I would make the effort, it felt like someone else's or my own's opinions would get me down or the need to be perfect and fear of rejection would paralyze me.

I know you know the feeling. I have the solution.

I'm Selisa Loeza.

Mom, wife, lover of life. Grower, thinker and invested in my and others' growth.

I can't wait to share my processes and see you rise to your best. 


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I'm so happy you are here. 

Truth is, you are meant for greatness. And I'm so excited to share tips and tools with you as you grow. Join the Worthy One mailing list for weekly love letters and other goods you won't find anywhere else.