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Libro Review: The Lost Love Song

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

"Hey, lover mine, do you you you want to do this thing...for real?"

Title: The Lost Love Song

Author: Minnie Darke

Genre: Fiction

When I close my eyes and listen to music, I mean really stop and listen to music...when I let the sounds wash over and into me...when I allow the instruments to strum and stroke the most delicate parts of my soul...I am moved in inexplicable ways.

As a lover of words, I must admit, there are times when words do not suffice. Only the quiver of a note could vibrate and make meaning in the atoms of one's spirit.

Australian author, Minnie Darke, captures this phenomena in her novel of lost and found love across many instruments, across many continents, and across many forms of love. This story reminds us during a time when words so easily build and break, that a return to music can be the return to love we need.


Arie, an IT man, and Diana, a professional world renowned pianist, have a profound love. For 7 years they live in their bliss as each other's "Amens", honoring each other as true, until a freak accident takes Diana and leaves behind a hole in Arie's heart and an incomplete love song written for him on a hotel piano.

After her death, each time the song is played and passed from artist to artist and as their stories unfold as it comes into their possessions, a return to love is made.

Evie Greensleeves, a wandering soul and in her eyes a "failed" poet, happens to hear this song and is shaken to her core. She's called to leave her wanderlusting ways and return home to Australia in order to invite in real love to her life.

Two years later in a plan only made by Fate, or in this case perhaps Diana, Arie and Evie meet. They quickly realize how perfectly compatible they are, but Arie's attachment to Diana may make him miss the best gift she could have led him to.

Will Diana's song lead Arie and Evie to doing this thing for real? Or will their love song be forever lost?

Favorite Quotes

“Sometimes, she mused, it could be expensive to have a sentimental soul."
“What she'd been looking for was something infinitely more precious-- a certain architecture of the heart...Stable but delicate. solid but airy. From the very first, she'd known that in him, she had found a place she could trust without question, a place she could rest, a place where she could always be free."

Feelings While Reading

-Reminiscence of all the types of deep loves I've felt

-Melancholy in recognizing a deep sense of loneliness I've once felt

-A desire to play and feel music

-A desire to purchase and learn to play the poet

-Encouragement to begin chasing my love and writing again


This wistful #book full of sonder and depth, is perfect for someone who feels the spark of fire and desire dwindling in her/his/their heart.

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Photo credit and property of: Selisa Loeza

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