Reclaim Your Worthiness

You were born worthy, now, it's time to reclaim it. 

Reclaim Your Worthiness: A 5 Day Experience

At our core, we are pure, perfect and good, just because. However, with time, our three exes hold us down- our experiences, our external influences and our own expectations.

This leads us to live in suffering, pain and belief that we are unworthy to be our true authentic selves.

Learn how these are playing out in your own life, understanding why they are doing so and create action steps to overcome the negative strongholds. 

Runs Tuesday, September 10th- Sunday, September 15th from the comfort of your own home! All you need is access to a computer and an open heart for growth!

Jas Dunlap

Daycare Owner

"Working with Selisa for the duration of this life changing course has allowed me to grow emotionally and spiritually. Her knowledge, experience, and Life Tools have allowed her to help me in ways I didn't know I needed. She has helped me see my true potential."

Karla Cienfuegos

International Educator

“Progress, progress, progress. Anyone that works with Selisa and follows her plan will see progress. Selisa used to be a classroom teacher, so she knows how to backwards plan and figure out a tailored path for your success. Selisa posses that fine balance of a true Coach. She is firm yet compassionate. Selisa will hold you accountable and evoke your drive to make changes in your life."

Belinda Baeza

Marketing Director

"Working with Selisa has been an emotional roller coaster, but I am extremely grateful for every tear and smile she has brought my way. She challenged me to believe in myself and that no dream is too big or crazy to accomplish. She is here for us. She is here to remind us how to live the life we always wanted but were too scared to pursue."

Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Experience

Alright, if you're anything like me, I know you're second guessing this.

Is this the right time? 

Maybe I should wait until after ____ has passed?

Perhaps, I should do more research?
I can do this on my own!

I've said all those things before too. 


But if not now, then when? Will the perfect conditions really happen? Is it worth trying to do all the work of research and creation when a Sociologist and Educator has already done it for you?


The real question is, are you ready for the catalyst of change in your life?

Is that final answer is yes, then NOW is your time!

Can't wait to share this with you!