Own Your Worth. Own Your Dreams.

Help with the mindset, tools, and action plan to make your wildest dreams come true- in life and business. We all may be a little wrecked but we are ALWAYS worthy.

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Courses guiding you to a stronger mindset and tangible results.

Reclaim Your Worthiness

Establish the foundations of worthiness through reclamation and incorporate the self care tools needed to have the mental, physical and emotional energy to go after your dreams.

Worthy and Worthy Academy

A 5 week experience helping you fully embody your worth by diving into the deep work of forgiveness, gratitude, awareness, and the steps needed to move forward.

Growth Garden

Be a part of a space to effectively continue growing within a community that uplifts and values progress over perfection. This membership is more than a book club, it's a growth community.

Life is chaotic; with the right mindset, action plan and guide, growth is inevitable, even amidst the mess.

"Progress, progress, progress. Anyone that works with Selisa and follows her plan will see progress. Selisa used to be a classroom teacher, so she knows how to backwards plan and figure out a tailored path for your success. Selisa posses that fine balance of a true Coach. She is firm yet compassionate. Selisa will hold you accountable and evoke your drive to make changes in your life. I'll continue to have checkins with Selisa because she helps me see my growth and potential."

Karla V. Cienfuegos

""Working with Selisa for the duration of this life changing course has allowed me to grow emotionally and spiritually. Her knowledge, experience, and Life Tools have allowed her to help me in ways I didn't know I needed. She has helped me see my true potential.""

Jasmine Arevalo Dunlap

"Working with Selisa this past year has been an emotional roller coaster, but I am extremely grateful for every tear and smile she has brought my way. She challenged me to believe in myself and that no dream is too big or crazy to accomplish. She is a beautiful person and has a beautiful soul. She is here for us. She is here to remind us how to live the life we always wanted but were too scared to pursue."

Belinda Baeza

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